DirecTV MLB EI Channel Guide
American League Channel Network National League Channel Network
Baltimore Orioles 640 MASN Arizona Diamondbacks 686 FOX Sports Arizona
Boston Red Sox 628 NESN Atlanta Braves 646 Fox Sports South
Chicago White Sox 665 CSN Chicago Chicago Cubs 665 CSN Chicago
Chicago White Sox 666 CSN Chicago Alt. Chicago Cubs 666 CSN Chicago Alt.
Chicago White Sox 307 WGN Chicago Cubs 307 WGN
Cleveland Indians 662 SportsTime Ohio Cincinnati Reds 661 FOX Sports Cincinnati
Detroit Tigers 663 FOX Sports Detroit Colorado Rockies 683 Root Sports Rocky Mountain
Houston Astros 674 Root Sports Southwest Los Angeles Dodgers n.a. SportsNet LA
Kansas City Royals 671-5 FOX Sports Kansas City Miami Marlins 654 FOX Sports Florida
Los Angeles Angels 692 FOX Sports West Milwaukee Brewers 668-1 FOX Sports Wisconsin
Minnesota Twins 668 FOX Sports North New York Mets 639 Sportsnet NY
New York Yankees 631 YES Network Philadelphia Phillies n.a. CSN Philadelphia
Oakland A's 698 CSN California Pittsburgh Pirates 659 Root Sports Pittsburgh
Seattle Mariners 687 Root Sports Northwest San Diego Padres 694 FOX Sports San Diego
Tampa Bay Rays 653 Sun Sports San Francisco Giants 696 CSN Bay Area
Texas Rangers 676 FOX Sports Southwest St. Louis Cardinals 671 FOX Sports Midwest
Toronto Blue Jays n.a. Sportsnet One Washington Nationals 640 MASN

If you subscribe to DirecTV's MLB Extra Innings package, you are probably aware of what a PITA it can be to actually locate a specific game that you want to watch. The links from the Game Mix channel are quite often wrong or missing, the onscreen Guide is a total disaster, the web-based MLB-EI schedule is also very error prone, and the all-channel web Guide is generally a PITA to use and typically no more accurate than the other sources. What I have found, though, is that most of the games that are being broadcast on the MLBEI channels (720+) are also being shown on the regional sports channels, and even if you don't subscribe to the regional sports package, you can actually tune to those channels when the games are being broadcast. And so I've found the easiest way to check in on a specific game is to just go directly to the regional channel that carries that team's games, and voila, there you are. Now even this scheme is not 100% accurate, as some teams have more than one station that will carry any given game, and some teams don't use a DirecTV regional station at all, and of course you are always up against the ridiculous MLB black out rules. But I've found using the above guide is typically the fastest and easiest way to locate a given game.

You might also find this daily games listing at to be handy -- it will tell you exactly what local stations are carrying which games, along with info about national broadcasts. (Update: it appears that CBS Sports is no longer keeping this listing current <sigh>.) Why DirecTV can't make it this easy is beyond me. But what else can you expect when you give a multi-billion dollar company a monopoly?

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