Memories Of Last Year

May 11, 2017 – 1:55 pm

What a difference a year can make, no? At this point last year, the Yankees were averaging scoring 3.8 R/G while the pitching was giving up 4.4 R/G. Clearly that’s going to lead to lots of lost games — and sure enough at this point last year the Yankees were 13-18, five games below .500. Fast forward to this year, and the offense is scoring at the rate of 5.8 R/G while the pitching is coming in at 4.0 R/G. And sure enough, that nets them a 21-10 record, eleven games over .500. That’s how amazing this season has been so far — in just 31 games, they are a net SIXTEEN games better than they were last year. Wow.

Obviously they are playing great ball now, and at some point they are going to regress back to something not quite so phenomenal. The big question is just where will it all end up? Hopefully they’ll stay competitive all season and we end up with very meaningful games in September.

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