Checking In On A.J.

June 1, 2012 – 12:17 pm

A.J. BurnettWhile the Yankee starting rotation continues to sputter, look at what our old friend A.J. Burnett is doing at his new home in Pittsburgh — a 3.60 ERA and 3.29 FIP, better than any Yankee starter. Six of his eight starts are “quality starts”. And in one of the other starts he didn’t give up a run, but only went 5.1 innings. And what about the other start, you ask? Well, sure enough, “Bad A.J.” most definitely popped up in that one, where he gave up 12 runs on 12 hits in just 2.2 innings! Yikes! What the Sam Hill were they doing leaving him in after he’d given up half a dozen runs? Wasn’t it pretty obvious that “Good A.J.” didn’t make it to the park that day? But then again, maybe that’s the key to using A.J. — when it is “Bad A.J.” that shows up, you just throw in the towel for that game, and let him get it all out there in one game. That way maybe “Bad A.J.” doesn’t show up for an extended period of time? Seems to maybe work that way — that stinker was six starts ago, and since then he’s pitched to a 1.05 ERA.

I always liked A.J. and the energy and enthusiasm he brought to the team. So it’s good to see him doing well in his new home. Miss ya’, A.J.! Well, “Good A.J.” anyway.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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