What’s Wrong With The Yankees?

May 22, 2012 – 2:37 pm

As easy as it is to point the finger at the offense, which has been pathetic of late, if you look at overall team pitching vs. hitting, it’s actually the pitching that is killing the Yankees. Right now the offense is averaging 4.50 runs/game, which is a respectable fifth in the AL. Factor in this incredible 6-for-72 (0.083) hitting-with-RISP streak that they are on, which certainly can’t go on much longer, and the reality is that they have probably the third best offense in the league.

The pitching, however, is a totally different story. They are averaging giving up 4.48 RPG, which is fourth worst in the AL. Now the good news here is that they’ve replaced Freddy Garcia’s 8.22 ERA with Andy Pettitte’s 2.51 ERA, so the picture is not quite as bad as it looks. But you still have your No. 2 starter (Kuroda) with a higher than league average ERA (4.56), plus the other two starters with totally unacceptable ERAs (Nova at 5.69 and Hughes at 5.23).

As a reference point, last year when they won the division, they were second in the league in batting and third in the league in pitching. So the offense this year really isn’t all that much off where it should be, but it’s the pitching that has to improve. Andy Pettitte needs to continue to look like he did in his first two starts, and Kuroda, Nova, and Hughes all need to improve significantly. Otherwise the last three quarters of the season are going to be as ugly as the first quarter was.

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