CC Is The New Battle Cat

August 31, 2011 – 10:49 am

NYY 5, Boston 2.

  • With Andy Pettitte retired, I guess CC Sabathia feels like someone has to assume his old role as the Battle Cat of the rotation. Just like Pettitte used to do in pretty much every start, CC of late always gets the job done, and looks pretty good doing it, although in retrospect every inning seems to be a struggle. In six August starts, CC has given up 9+ hits — before August he’d only done that twice, both early in the season. Last night seemed typical of how he’s been pitching recently — not a single 3-up 3-down inning, not even a single inning where he got the first two batters out. Over six innings the Red Sox left ten runners on base, six in scoring position. But bottom line, though, he struck out ten and notched a true quality start. You can’t complain about that!

Francisco Cervelli

  • John Lackey’s intentional HBP of Francisco Cervelli in the seventh was not only totally classless, it was downright stupid as it ended up giving the Yankees a much needed insurance run. Lackey’s act, though, is just typical of the entire Red Sox team — a bunch of jerks who are also idiots. Make no mistake about it, Boston is a very, very good baseball team — one of the best in MLB right now — but they are also a total embarrassment to all baseball fans outside of Boston. What assholes.
  • Also, this was a great example of just how stupid the rules are about pitchers throwing at hitters. Every one in Fenway knew that Lackey threw at Cervelli on purpose. And yet not only was Lackey not ejected, the only person thrown out was a Yankee coach! If you are going to have any rules at all about pitchers throwing at batters, then when it’s as obvious as this one was, you have to throw the guy out of the game. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. The rules are a total joke and need to be either re-written or done away with all together.

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