On To Fenway!

August 30, 2011 – 12:16 pm

NYY 3, Baltimore 2.

  • Nice to see Freddy Garcia pick things up right where he left off three weeks ago when he went on the DL. Garcia has been the model of consistency this year — and just getting better and better as the year goes on. In May his ERA was 3.96, he dropped that to 3.18 in June, then in July further decreased it to 3.06, and in August it was 1.64 (albeit with only two starts). You marvel at how he keeps getting it done, what with a 87 MPH fastball that matches a lot of pitchers’ changeups in speed. But you throw strikes, particularly first pitch strikes (16 of 21 yesterday), and stay ahead in the count which he did for 50 of his 88 pitches, I guess you can get away with just mixing up all your pitches and hitting the corners. A.J. could take some lessons from Freddy, that’s for sure.
  • This is a BIG series at Fenway, to state the obvious. So many questions to be answered. Can the Yankees actually beat the Red Sox? Hard to imagine how they can win the division while being dominated by Boston the way they have so far this year. Can CC Sabathia not stink it up against Boston? So far this year he’s 0-4 with a gaudy 7.20 ERA against them. Can Phil Hughes get back on track after his terrible last outing? And then of course there’s the ugly case of A.J. Burnett, who goes up against Jon Lester in game three. Wouldn’t it be the nuts to see A.J. all of a sudden get his act together and shut down the Red Sox?!?!?!

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