Nova And Grandy Turn It Around

August 29, 2011 – 2:25 pm

Ivan NovaNYY 8, Baltimore 3.

  • Chalk up another “quality” start for Ivan Nova, and more importantly, you can pretty much discount that bad start against Kansas City two weeks ago as clearly just an off day. Nova is now an incredible 14-4, which is a higher W-L pct. than even CC Sabathia. And he’s now won seven starts in a row, and ten of his last eleven. Plus the Yankees won the one start where he didn’t get the decision, so the Yankees are 11-0 over his last 11 starts. Inexperience or not, right now I’m more than comfortable seeing him on the mound in the post-season.
  • I used to think all the talk about Curtis Granderson being MVP was a bit (but just a slight bit) over the top, but my goodness is he having one helluva year. Leads the league in home runs and RBIs, and what’s probably the most mind-boggling stat of all, he leads the league in runs scored by a whopping 26 runs! He’s got 121 runs, and Jacoby Ellsbury is second at 95. Ellsbury doesn’t even project out to finish the season with as many runs as Granderson already has! Right now I’d have to say that the Grandy Man has to be the leading candidate for MVP.

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