The Offense To The Rescue

August 25, 2011 – 8:50 pm

Jorge PosadaNYY 22, Oakland 9.

  • Oakland came in to this series 13 games below .500 while the Yankees were 29 games above .500. That works out to the A’s being 21 games behind the Yankees. And yet half-way through this game, the Yankees were down 7-2 and well on their way to being swept on their home field. What a disaster that would have been. Fortunately, the offense finally awoke from their four game siesta, and that was that. Hopefully they saved a few runs for the upcoming Baltimore series, and more importantly, next week’s visit to Fenway.
  • And it would seem that the Yankees are going to need all the offense they can get down the stretch, as Phil Hughes took a huge step backwards, going just 2.2 innings and coughing up six runs. So here we are, still with six starters, and only one that we can rely on at all. A.J., that number two slot in the rotation is still up for grabs, believe it or not. That’s scary.
  • Good for Joe Girardi, leaving Boone Logan in to finish the seventh, when the game was still very much up for grabs. Sure, Logan is the lefty specialist and you bring him in to face a lefty hitter in a key situation — but if he’s pitching good, why not leave him in to face subsequent right-handed hitters? You know he’s got good stuff, and you have no idea what the next reliever might or might not have. I’ve preached this before, a bird in the hand, yada, yada. So kudos to Girardi for leaving Logan in when he struck out the two lefties. And sure enough, he got rewarded with two more strike outs. How about that? Logan is pitching quite well right now, so there’s no need to yank him as soon as a right-handed hitter comes up.
  • Play of the game?  Second baseman Jorge Posada’s 4-to-3 to end the game.  Nice to see Jorge smiling again after a rough year, and you got to love The Swish.

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