So Much For That Bullpen Talk, hey?

August 20, 2011 – 2:38 pm

Phil HughesNYY 8, Minnesota 4.

  • What was I saying about this being an important game, particularly for Phil Hughes? You can pretty much forget about any thoughts of moving him to the bullpen, that’s for sure. In fact, if the post-season were starting tomorrow you seriously have to think about him as your number two starter, no? Say what you will about his lack of strike outs and swinging strikes, but you can’t argue with the results. That’s four TRUE quality starts in a row (six plus innings, two or fewer runs), and over the last three he’s given up four or fewer hits. Right now he’s the best, most consistent starter the Yankees have.
  • Meanwhile the offense continues to roll, this time with Russell Martin getting the big hits. And Mark Teixeira had another multi-RBI multi-extra base hit night. The only sure out right now is Eric Chavez, and hopefully that’s nothing more than a mini-slump.
  • I knew Luis Ayala had been pitching very well of late, but I guess because he’s always pitching in low leverage situations it’s easy not to realize just how good he’s been. But when Tom Flaherty pointed out his ERA of 0.98 over his last 34 games during the broadcast, I just knew he had the stat wrong — probably meant last 14 games, maybe? But sure enough you toss out his very first appearance of the season and he’s got a 0.96 ERA and has not allowed a run in 30 of his 35 appearances. And he’s the number four man in the bullpen? Pretty incredible.

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