Same Old, Same Old

August 19, 2011 – 12:00 pm

xyzzyNYY 8, Minnesota 4.

  • Well, if that was an improvement for CC, I sure had a hard time seeing it. He gave up ten hits for the third time in his last four starts (and he gave up nine in the other one) — only difference being that this time he didn’t give up any home runs. And I’m thinking at least part of that was because of the pitcher-friendly confines of Target Field, as there sure seemed to be a lot of very hard hit balls. Bottom line is that he did give up “only” four runs and he did get the W. But he’s got to get back to pitching the way he was the first four months of the season. Right now we got no number one or number two starter, and that can’t go on for much longer.
  • But the good news is that the offense continues to hit lights out. Even Mark Teixeira showed signs of life, getting his first home run in ten games and his first multiple RBI game in the last thirteen games. Over the last 30 days, the team BA is .297 and they are scoring on average 6.2 runs per game. Over that period four starters are hitting over .300, and only Russell Martin is hitting below .250 (.236 to be precise).
  • With Freddy Garcia out indefinitely, Phil Hughes is the only starter who hasn’t pretty much stunk it up of late, so from that perspective tonight’s game ranks as important — who would have thought it would be up to Hughes to set the standard for the rest of the rotation? He’s got three “quality” starts in a row now — if he gets another one tonight, it would be hard to argue that he isn’t back to being close to his old self.

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