Where Have All The Quality Starters Gone?

August 18, 2011 – 10:31 am

Kansas City 5, NYY 4.

  • Seems like it was just yesterday that the problem the Yankees had with the starting pitching was that they had too many quality starters and were going to have to move one of them to the bullpen. My how things change quickly in the world of baseball! Bartolo Colon became the fourth starter to stink it up two starts in a row, getting roughed up pretty good by the Royals (5 IP 5 ER 7 H, including 4 extra base hits). Phil Hughes, once considered the best bet to go to the bullpen, now looks like the number two starter. Hopefully everyone is just going through a bad period — but the reality is that Colon is getting on in age, Nova is still very much a rookie, and A.J. is A.J. So this is going to be a you-never-know rotation for the rest of the season no matter what happens. And of course the reality is that we knew that going in to the season, so nothing surprising here.
  • Man did Jorge Posada blow a huge opportunity there in the ninth to re-establish himself as a clutch hitter and an important part of this team, even in his diminished role. With the bases loaded and down by one, any type of hit ties the game and quite likely wins it. But Jorge got called out on strikes, never taking the bat off his shoulder. You just can’t do that in that situation — you have got to put the ball in play. Admittedly two of those strikes were bad calls, but the ump had been calling a very wide strike zone all night, so there’s no excuse for taking those pitches, particularly the third strike. As much as it grieves me to say it, it’s time for Jorge to start riding off in to the sunset — he’s just not meant for the pinch-hitter/DH role.

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