Looking For The Pony

August 13, 2011 – 10:36 am

Tampa Bay 5, NYY 1.

Consider this — our top hitter has been on the DL for the last month. Our number one starter has a 7.71 ERA and .333 BAA over his last two starts. Our top reliever has a 13.50 ERA and .400 BAA in his last three appearances. And yet in spite of all that, over the last two weeks the Yankees are 10-4, only two games behind the mighty Red Sox, and have a very comfortable seven game lead in the wild card standings. You figure A-Rod will be back strong in another couple of days, and CC and Mo are now through their mini-slumps and ready to start pitching lights out again. So the Yankees are just where they want to be, no? Ready to finish the season on one long winning streak and hit the playoffs as the best team in baseball, right?

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