Return Of The Bronx Bombers

August 11, 2011 – 8:41 pm

Robinson CanoNYY 6, Los Angeles 5.

  • All of a sudden the Yankees are back to being the Bronx Bombers, winning with long blasts the way they were earlier in the year. Yesterday six of the nine runs came on homers, and today all six run came via homers — Curtis Granderson got a two-run zinger in the sixth, and Robinson Cano hit the game winner, a grand slam in the seventh. If they continue to hit for average the way they have been, PLUS start knocking the ball out of the park the way there were back in May and June, they are going to be hard to beat.
  • It’s kinda maybe starting to look like the Steinbrenners’ signing of Rafael Soriano to that huge contract back in January wasn’t so ridiculous after all, you think? It’s still way too early to make much of Mo getting roughed up three games in a row, plus giving up home runs in back-to-back appearances — but Soriano is starting to look like a pretty nice backup plan, particularly the way he’s been pitching since he came off the DL (six appearances, one hit, zero runs).
  • As if Joe Girardi didn’t have enough problems trying to sort out who gets dumped from the starting rotation, he’s got another doozy of an issue coming up when Alex Rodriguez re-joins the team. With Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano clearly the two top sluggers right now, you pretty much have to keep them batting where they are right now, don’t you? And with Derek Jeter now firmly in a .300+ groove in the two spot, you can’t move him. So where do you put A-Rod? And what do you do with Mark Teixeira? Heck, the reality is that over the last 30 days Nick Swisher is hitting better than Tex in every category. Logic would dictate that you move Teixeira all the way down to the seventh position, wouldn’t it? Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Anyway, it’s a problem for Girardi, but it’s certainly a good problem to have.

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