Will A.J. Ever Win Again In August?

August 9, 2011 – 11:02 pm

Los Angeles 6, NYY 4.

  • Yet another typical outing from A.J. “Headcase” Burnett. He sails through five innings, shutting out the Angels and noticeably not walking a single batter, nor hitting anyone, nor throwing any wild pitches. Then Bobby Abreu, who has only four home runs all year, hits a solo shot off him in to lead off the sixth, and A.J. does his Jekyll-and-Hyde routine. He walks the bases loaded (one intentional), then gives up a long double to the number nine hitter. And then for good measure, throws a wild pitch to score yet another run. I do like A.J., and really, really want to see him do well — but after two and a half years of this same act, isn’t it time to throw in the towel here?
  • And then there’s Mariano Rivera, stinking it up for the second game in a row. Every time in the last couple of years that Mo has gone through a bad streak like this, sure enough he seems to come out of it stronger than ever. But the guy is 41 years old, and you know that at some point he’s going to hit the wall. It’s just a question of when — is this the beginning of the end? Hopefully not, but……
  • There is some good news, though — Chien-Ming Wang got his first MLB win in over two years, throwing six innings of one-hit shutout ball for the Washington Nationals against the hapless Chicago Cubs. The Wanger was one of my favorite pitchers back when he was with the Yankees, and it would be great to see him back to pitching the way he did when he was in pinstripes. Go Wanger!

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