Freddy Follows Up Bartolo Nicely

July 21, 2011 – 2:04 pm

Boone LoganNYY 4, Tampa Bay 0.

  • Just as Bartolo Colon did Tuesday, Freddy Garcia bounced back from a bad previous start, even one-upping Colon with a masterful 6.2 inning shutout. Yes, he did give up eight hits, but as long as you are also striking out seven and not walking anyone, you can get away with that — and that’s certainly Gracia’s modus operandi these days. You have to marvel at how both of these “old timers” continue to get the job done so far this year. Where the Yankees would be without them is scary to contemplate.
    • Another pleasant surprise of late has been Boone Logan who struggled mightily early in the season. He came in to do LOOGY duties in the seventh with the tying run at the plate in Casey Kotchman, the leading hitter for the Rays who was already 3-for-3 for the day. But Logan struck him out to end the inning with some pretty nasty looking sliders. Over the last two months Logan has an ERA of 2.38 and .186 BAA. I actually no longer cringe when he comes in to a game!
      • Word is that Eric Chavez should be back on the roster pretty soon now, and it can’t happen fast enough. The six through eight slots in the batting order have become one big black hole, with Andruw Jones, Russell Martin, Jorge Posada, and Eduardo Nunez all hitting under .200 over the last ten games. At least Nunez would seem to be just in a slump, but the other three haven’t been hitting much above the Mendoza line all year.

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