July 16, 2011 – 8:41 pm

CC SabathiaNYY 4, Toronto 1.

  • Where would this team be without CC Sabathia? Desperately in need of a win, CC once again delivered as he has time and time again. The Yankees are now 18 games over .500, and CC alone accounts for 10 of those. The rest of the starting rotation is 4 games over, and the bullpen is also 4 games over. The season’s barely half over, and you can pretty much etch CC’s name on the MVP trophy. Absolutely amazing.
  • Don’t look now, but Brett Gardner has his BA up to a very nice .279 which is, believe it or not, the second highest in the starting lineup. As much positive as that says about the year Gardner is having, it’s just as negative about how the rest of the team is hitting. Robinson Cano continues to struggle to hit over .300, and Mark Teixeira has been under .250 for going on two months now. Somebody in the middle of the lineup really, really needs to get hot for an extended period of time.
  • Big game tomorrow — not only would it be very nice to get out of Toronto with a series split after the way things went in the first two games, a good start by Phil Hughes would really give the team a boost. On the one hand, if Hughes stinks it up and they lose, not only does that leave the team reeling going in to a four-game series with Tampa Bay, that would also leave the entire starting rotation as one big question mark outside of CC. But Hughes delivers and they come away with a split, that would give them all kinds of momentum going to Tampa Bay.

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