Der-ek Je-ter!!! Der-ek Je-ter!!!

July 9, 2011 – 8:27 pm

Derek JeterNYY 5, Tampa Bay 4.

  • Man was it a bad day for the Jeter haters. Not only does Jete get his 3000th career hit, he does it with a home run, plus he then proceeds to go 5-for-5 for the day, and as if that wasn’t enough, his last hit is the game winner. Wow, just wow. A great player with an even greater habit of coming through strong when the situation demands it. Now I’m sure a couple of weeks from now there will be a game where Jeter goes 0-for-5 and doesn’t get to a couple of grounders to his left and the Jeter haters will be back in force — but at least for now they are all eating crow. Me, I’m betting we’re going to see a lot more great days like this from Jeter for a number of years yet to come.
  • Interesting move by Girardi in the sixth when he pulled A.J. Burnett and went to the bullpen. A.J. was only at 89 pitches and was actually pitching pretty good — 9 Ks to just 3 BBs and only 3 hits, although two of those were home runs that accounted for three runs. My initial reaction was that this was another boneheaded Girardi bullpen move that was going to backfire — but then after I thought about it, I actually agreed with it. Burnett had just put the tying run on base with a walk, and Matt Joyce who was 2-for-2 against A.J. for the day including a home run was due up. With the bullpen completely rested after yesterdays’ rain out and with CC Sabathia pitching tomorrow the bullpen probably wouldn’t be needed much then — so why not burn through the bullpen in order to preserve the win? All things considered, it was a good move — although it almost backfired when David Robertson blew the save in the eighth. But then Derek Jeter came to the rescue with the winner in a game Hollywood couldn’t have scripted any better.

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