A Night In Bizarro World

July 7, 2011 – 10:33 pm

Tampa Bay 5, NYY 1.

  • With Jeff Niemann (3-4, 5.05 ERA) going against Bartolo Colon (6-3, 2.88 ERA), a 5-1 final score is pretty much what you would expect. Only Thursday night it was Bizarro World at NYS, as it was Colon who got knocked all over the park (10 hits, 4 BBs, 2 HRs, and 5 runs in just 5.2 innings), while Niemann dominated the Yankees, scattering six hits over 7.1 innings and giving up only one run on a solo shot by Robinson Cano. The poor outing by Colon might have been cause for concern if this had been his previous start when he was just coming off the DL — but given how good he looked in that start, I think you just have to chalk this one up to an off night.
  • The offense which was so red-hot during the recent seven game winning streak is all of a sudden as cold as they were hot. It’s one thing to get shut down by someone like Justin Masterson, but Jeff Niemann is a whole other thing. In four of the last five games, the Yankees have scored three or fewer runs. That needs to be turned around pretty quickly.

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