Still A Series Win

July 4, 2011 – 10:24 am

New York Mets 3, NYY 2.

  • Did I mention that I can’t wait until Derek Jeter is back in this lineup? First it was Eduardo Nunez not being able to make the simplest of plays, and now it’s Ramiro Pena making Nunez look good. And this time it cost the Yankees a sweep of the Mets and the end of a seven-game winning streak. Admittedly Nunez’ bat has been a vast improvement over Jeter’s offense, but you win and lose games on pitching and defense. And that’s why the team will be better with Jeter back in the lineup.
  • But Pena’s fielding blunders were just par of what was an ugly game all around. Russell Martin potentially cost the Yankees a run with his base running in the seventh, Mariano Rivera put what ended up being the tying run on base with a walk in the ninth, and then Luis Ayala committed the cardinal sin of walking the lead off batter in extra innings, which naturally ended up being the game winning run. But it’s hard to complain about Mo and Ayala, both of whom have been near perfect of late. Bottom line, though, is that the Yankees won the series, making that seven series wins in a row, so it’s hard to complain. They were due an off day.
  • And how about the job Freddy Garcia is doing? Seven innings, six hits, and just one run. Amazingly, he now leads the Yankees with eight “true” quality starts (six plus innings with two or fewer runs). In fact everyone in the starting rotation has at least six true quality starts, which shows you just how high the bar is set for Phil Hughes in his return this week. Ivan Nova ended up drawing the short straw and got sent down to AAA, but you know he’s going to be back in some capacity at some point. I’d say the pressure is really on Hughes at this point. Box Score | Gameday | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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