Making The Hits Count

June 29, 2011 – 9:54 am

Nick SwisherNYY 12, Milwaukee 3.

  • If I were to tell you that the Yankees were going up against Zack Greinke, and that the Brewers were going to out-hit the Yankees, you’d probably figure this was yet another series opener loss for New York. And of course you would have been dead wrong, as the Yankees won easily in one of the weirder games of the year. Even though the Brewers out-hit the Yankees, 11 to 10, the Yankees managed to score 12 runs on those 10 hits, while Milwaukee was only able to net 2 runs on their 11 hits. A big difference, though, was the fact that Brewer pitchers walked 8, while Yankee pitchers didn’t walk anyone. Naturally 5 of those 8 walks came around to score (plus another HBP socred as well). Incredibly, the Yankees went a dismal 3-for-16 with RISP or else the score would have been even more lopsided. Just weird all the way around.
  • Once again the offense came from all up and down the lineup, with only Brett Gardner not getting a hit. Seven starters scored at least one run, and six of them got at least one RBI. The on-again, off-again offense is once again very much on, with three straight 6+ run games. That’s more like what we expected coming in to the season. Until the pitching gets healthy again, we need more of this type offense.
  • I’ve always liked the attitude and positive energy that Nick Swisher brings to the game, so it’s great to see him finally heating up (.325/.441/.675 for the month of June). And how about the D he’s been showing of late out there in left-field. He got two assists last night, and so far this year has yet to make a single error. Along with Gardner and Granderson, I have to believe defensively the Yankees have one of the best outfields in the majors. And it looks like Fangraphs UZR ratings would agree with me, showing the Yankee outfield having a combined UZR of 18.0, compared to second ranked Arizona a 14.6. Pretty nice.

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