Doing It The Right Way On Old Timers Day

June 27, 2011 – 11:50 am

Yogi and WhiteyNYY 6, Colorado 4.

  • Old timers day has got to be one of the best days of the year as far as the fans are concerned. One of the main reasons why baseball is truly America’s greatest game is it’s heritage, and what better way to honor that heritage and relive it than to put on a show like the Yankees do every year. Why every other team in the league doesn’t do something similar boggles the mind. Yeah, it’s an expensive proposition, but if a team’s ownership gives a damn about anything other than bottom line profits, they would be following the Yankees lead here. Oh, I guess I just answered my question right there. And that’s what makes the Yankees the best team to follow in all of baseball. Say what you will about the Yankees, but no other team gives the fans what the fans want.
  • Ivan Nova did what you expect from your number five starter — kept things close so that eventually the offense can win the game. And after a shaky start, the offense finally came through. It looked like another typical day for the Yankee hitters — Juan Nicasio entered the game with a 4.71 ERA and .302 BAA, so unsurprisingly the first 13 Yankee hitters went down in order. But then Robinson Cano broke up the perfect game with a single in the fifth, and apparently that was enough to wake up the rest of the offense. From there on they scored in every inning, with four of the six runs coming from home runs.
  • Brett Gardner got down a very impressive bunt for a single to lead off the sixth. I’m thinking someone has been working with him on his bunting style, as all of a sudden he’s looking a lot better when trying to bunt. And that’s the second time in the last couple of weeks that he’s bunted for a single. If he can ever get some consistency to his bunting and base running, he’s going to be one heckuva lead off hitter.
  • What’s the deal with the Yankee defense this year? Last year they led the majors with just 69 errors all year. This year they are in the bottom half of just the AL with 49 so far, which puts them on a pace for 104 errors. Although in terms of UZR it’s not all that bad — this year they are 4th in the AL with a team UZR of 17.1, and last year they were 5th with a 20.5. And quite frankly, that seems to be closer to what my “lying eyes” tell me — yeah, lots of ugly errors but overall the defense hasn’t been all that bad.

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