CC In Command

June 26, 2011 – 10:21 am

CC SabathiaNYY 8, Colorado 3.

  • CC Sabathia is hard to beat even when he’s not at the top of his game, so when he’s got everything working, well…. forget about it. CC cruised through 8 complete innings, striking out nine and carrying a shutout into the eighth inning when a two-out single scored the Rockies only run and probably cost CC a complete game. At 10-4 a week before the half-way point, CC is on track to win 20 games for the second year in a row.
  • The offense came together behind CC, with everyone in the lineup getting at least one hit except for of all people Robinson Cano, and six starters actually had multiple hits. A-Rod got the big hits, getting three RBIs, but the best news was seeing Nick Swisher go 2-for-3 and Jorge Posada go 3-for-4. Both those guys seem to really be getting back in the groove, which make the bottom half of the order almost as tough as the top half. And that’s where the strength of the Yankee offense lies — in being strong from top to bottom, with no respite for opposing pitchers.
  • Nice interview on YES with Jason Giambi before the game. The guy was always a class act and fun to watch when he was with the Yankees, and the interview was a reminder of that. He’s obviously got his head screwed on right, and is enjoying his “twilight years” as a player. Good for him.

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