And The Offense Disappears Yet Again

June 13, 2011 – 9:33 pm

Cleveland 1, NYY 0.

  • So much for the offense being back. This was the fifth time they’ve been shut out so far this year. At this point last year, they had only been shut out twice. That’s two good starts in a row for Carlos Carrasco, but I’m not convinced this was all about him. For the most part he’s been pretty pedestrian all year (5.18 ERA going in to his last start), and the Yankees had beau coup opportunities against him early. They just didn’t get the job done.
  • As bad a year as Jorge Posada has been having, he’s now got a higher BA than Nick Swisher — which tells you everything you need to know about just how bad Swisher has been so far this year.
  • Brett Gardner just continues to amaze with his brain cramps. With a 3-2 count leading off in the seventh, he tries to lay down a bunt????? Are you frigging kidding me? The guy can’t bunt worth a damn to begin with, and he thinks he can bunt for a hit with two strikes? And on top of that, it’s clearly ball four. Just pull the bat back and take the walk. Wow, just wow. Box Score | Gameday | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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