Baby Steps

June 11, 2011 – 11:28 am

NYY 11, Cleveland 7.

  • This was certainly a good start at getting back on track after the Boston disaster. The Yankees actually scored nine runs that weren’t the result of the long ball, cranking out 13 hits in addition to two solo shots. Everyone except Nick Swisher got a hit, and Swish at least walked twice and got an RBI. So good hitting up and down the line. Of course it was all against a bunch of struggling pitchers with ERAs north of five, but what the hey –baby steps in the right direction.
  • We got a good look at what the sans Joba bullpen looks like, and man is it scary. First there was Kevin Whelan walking four of six batters he faced, and then we got Amauri Sanit giving up hits to four of the six batters he faced. Do the math, that’s a .750 OBP between them. And as a result, the Yankees end up having to use Mo in a game that was 11-2 after seven. Sheez. This does not bode well.
  • Jorge PosadaAnd how about Jorge Posada’s 3-for-5 night? If you have any kind of understanding of what BABIP means, or at least have just a smidgin of common sense, you knew Jorge was going to get red-hot at some point. You just don’t go from a career .274 BA to .170 over night. Over the last ten games, Jorge is hitting .423. That’s 100+ points more than the second “hottest” hitter over the last ten games, Robinson Cano at .289. Yeah, and that tells you a lot about just how poorly the Yankees have been hitting of late. But at least Jorge at long last seems to be hitting like the back of his card says he should. Time for the other Yankees to take a cue from Jorgie.
  • And let’s not overlook Ivan Nova going a strong seven innings and giving up just two runs on four hits. The starting rotation is by far and away the number one strength of this team, and if there’s any weakness at all there it’s that they tend to be streaky, either putting up a bunch of good starts in a row or stinking it up for several games in a row. The Boston series saw the latter. Here’s hoping Nova’s performance starts a run of the former.

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