CC Rolls, Offensive Woes

June 5, 2011 – 11:41 am

A-RodNYY 3, LA Angels 2.

  • CC continues to dominate. That’s now four straight starts with 8+ innings with a combined ERA of 1.60. In fact, the whole starting rotation is on a nice roll — over the last 10 games they are a combined 7-1, averaging right at seven innings per outing, with a 2.84 ERA. Combine that with the bullpen’s 1.31 ERA over the last ten, and you get a team ERA of 2.49. To say the pitching is carrying this team is an understatement, to say the least.
  • Which segues nicely to this — the Yankees got outhit 7-8 and yet again got shutout with RISP (0-for-5). But Cano’s solo home run and A-Rod’s two-run homer got CC all the runs he would need. Once again the home runs carried the offense, but this can’t go on forever, can it?
  • Brett Gardner went 2-for-3 and Nick Swisher got a double, plus hit the ball hard to deep left in another AB. Hopefully that’s a sign at least the two of them are getting back on track. Right now the bottom of the order is a big part of what is killing the offense — over the last ten games, Martin-Swisher-Posada-Gardner have a combined .147 BA. Hard to put together a big inning with such a huge dead spot in the order.

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