West Coast Blues

May 29, 2011 – 12:09 pm

Seattle 5, NYY 4.

  • The Yankees won the home run battle, 2-0. The Mariners won the hit battle, 13-9. Guess who won the game.
  • I know it’s sacrilege to say anything bad about Mariano Rivera, but the facts are he’s the fifth oldest player in the game and at some point age IS going to catch up with him. And so far this year he’s got three blown saves compared to just one at this point last year, and his BAA is a pedestrian .244 compared to .183 last year. Reality can be a bitch.
  • Since September 1 of last year, the Yankees are .500 (40-40), the classical definition of an average team. And this is one case where statistics certainly don’t lie.

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