CC The Stopper

May 29, 2011 – 8:57 pm

NYY 7, Seattle 1.CC Sabathia

  • Wow, seven runs and only one via the long ball. 4-for-11 with RISP. Every starter got at least one hit, and five got at least one RBI. Been a while since the offense performed like that.
  • CC Sabathia seems to be hitting the same stride he did about this time last year. That’s three straight wins and three straight 8+ inning outings. Last year in June he won all five of his starts, and over the summer months of June to August, he was 14-2 with only one no decision, and went 7+ innings in 14 of those 17 starts. It’s easy to take for granted what an incredible pitcher this guy is.
  • The biggest surprise of the series to me was Ichiro Suzuki. Seems like he always rips Yankee pitching — last year in the three Yankee-Mariner series he went 4-for-13, 6-for-16, and 6-for-13. That’s a .391 BA. But Yankee pitching held him to 1-for-14. He must be drinking the same water that all the Yankee hitters are drinking.

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