A Much Needed Laugher

May 20, 2011 – 9:27 am

NYY 13, Baltimore 2. At long last, back to hitting on all cylinders. At least for one game anyway. CC Sabathia was his usual dominating self, scattering seven hits over eight innings but never really being in much trouble given the size of the lead he had from the git-go. It’s a shame modern day baseball has become so wimpy with regards to pitch counts, as I would have loved to see CC get the shutout. Here’s hoping that Nolan Ryan has some success down at Texas with his war on the pitch count phantom. But I digress.

Jorge PosadaThe Yankee offense pretty much had their way with the Orioles pitching, scoring early and late and in-between. Everyone in the starting lineup got at least one hit except for Alex Rodriguez, who still remains somewhat of a puzzle — is he coming out of his slump or is he not? It was particularly nice to see Nick Swisher go 2-for-4 with 4 RBIs, although both hits were near-outs. But then I guess that’s just how it goes with the BABIP gods — those have to be making up for previous hard hit balls that ended up going right to a fielder, right? Anyway, getting Swish back on track will certainly be a big plus for the bottom half of the order.

And how nice was it to see Jorge Posada at first base? Yeah, I know, he’s one heck of a defensive liability over there, as we saw in the third inning when he wasn’t able to handle an errant throw from Jeter, the type that Mark Teixeira seems to routinely handle. But still, I think that really has to help Jorge’s attitude, getting to do something other than DH. In fact, I thought all along that this would be the plan, to occasionally let Jorge play some defense just to help in his transition to full-time DH. Hopefully we’ll see more of that, and Posada will soon be hitting in the DH spot the way we expected him to all along.

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