Poor Pitching Completes the Incompetence Circle

May 16, 2011 – 11:10 am

Boston 7, NYY 5. First the offense disappeared, then the defense went to hell. So I guess it should surprise no one that the pitching, which has pretty much carried the team so far this season, is now slowly but surely starting to implode. I really can’t imagine the Yankees playing much worse at this point, so the only question left is how long before they hit rock bottom. With a four-game road trip starting Monday with the red hot Tampa Bay Rays, last place in the division by this time next week is certainly a possibility.

Watching this team right now is painful. Although I have to admit, listening to the jackasses that do the ESPN baseball broadcasts is far, far more painful. ESPN must work hard at finding people so incompetent in the broadcast booth as Bobby Valentine and Orel Hershisher are.  And amazingly, it’s not just baseball — ESPN’s football broadcasts are just as bad.  Oh well, at least Monday we’ll be back to listening to good old Michael Kay. And when that’s the best news you’ve got, you know things aren’t going well!

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