Soap Opera Time

May 15, 2011 – 12:32 pm

This whole Jorge Posada soap opera story is pretty bizarre.  My first reaction to all stories like this is that we the public probably don’t know even half of the facts, so commenting on what got played out to the media is pretty stupid to begin with.  To me the big question is why this didn’t all play out behind closed doors.  If Girardi wants to move Posada to the bottom of the order, then he has to consult Posada first and let him know what he’s doing and why, and if Posada has a problem with that (which you would hope Girardi would know is certainly going to be the case), then you work things out and get your stories straight before you make the move.  But who knows, maybe Girardi indeed did do exactly that and Posada refused to cooperate with whatever the plan was, and so we got Posada saying one thing, Cashman another, then Posada something else, or whatever the story ended up being.

Point here is that everyone is gaming the media and playing the fans.  It’s no different than all the stories you get during salary negotiations.  We the fans will never know what really happened and what was really said.  Speculating on it all may be fun (not so much for me), but all that really matters is what happens on the field of play, and right now for the Yankees that’s pretty ugly.  Whether distractions like this help or hurt is irrelevant.  The Yankees need to start playing better ball, period.

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