Offensive Woes Continue

May 5, 2011 – 10:14 am

Detroit 4, NYY 0. By the third inning, it was pretty obvious this one was going to end up in the loss column. While Freddy Garcia was throwing BP for the Tigers, Max Scherzer was mowing down the Yankees. Talk about totally opposite pitching performances. Through three innings, Detroit was 7-for-16 with 4 runs scored on Garcia, and the Yankees were 1-for-10 with 5 strike outs against Scherzer. To Garcia’s credit he somehow got through another four innings without giving up another run, although he continued to get hit pretty hard. You can’t blame this one on Garcia — the problem right now is that the Yankee offense has just disappeared. True, Sherzer had some nasty stuff working for him, but the reality is that the Yankees just aren’t hitting anyone lately. This is the second time they’ve been shut out in the last ten games, and in six of those games they’ve scored three or fewer runs. You’re just not going to win many games win you don’t score more than three runs.

And it’s not like one or two guys are killing them — the entire starting lineup is slumping. Yeah, A-Rod is hurting them big time, hitting a miserable .132 over the last ten games. But it ain’t just him — heck, the ONLY starter hitting over .300 in the last ten games is Brett Gardner (8-for-18, .444 BA). When Gardner is your No. 1 hitter, you know you got problems. Box Score | Gameday | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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