Nova Lookin’ Good

May 2, 2011 – 1:38 pm

Ivan NovaNYY 5, Toronto 2. Ivan Nova threw his second true quality start in a row, the bullpen no-hit the Jays for three innings, and Curtis “Babe” Granderson got a 3-run homer — nice recipe for another W. You have to like the way Nova has looked in his last two outings. About the only real complaint I would have is that you can’t possibly walk a guy like Rajai Davis under any circumstances, which Nova did twice. The guy is an absolute terror on the base paths, not only stealing bases but just generally playing havoc with the pitcher’s mind. And sheez, right now he’s barely hitting .200 — why not take your chances throwing strikes? Even if he hits a double or a triple, odds are he’s going to end up on second or third base anyway if you walk him. You take out the walk to Davis in the third, and Nova could easily have ended up giving up just one run. Not that I’m complaining, but I always hate it when a pitcher doesn’t pitch “smart”.

The other encouraging item in this game was Jorge Posada finally getting a hit, a line-drive lead-off double in the fifth, which started that big inning. You just have to believe that the BABIP gods are going to start smiling down on him at some point. After all, he has a career BABIP of .315, yet he entered this game with a season BABIP of .065 — that’s friggin’ 250 points of “bad luck”. My theory is that secretly Jorge is still pretty pissed off about being relegated to 100% DH duties, with no hope at all of playing in the field ever again. I mean after watching Eric Chavez butcher first base defensively the other day, you know Jorge has got to be thinking he could relieve Teixeira just as well as Chavez is doing, and more than likely be a nice upgrade defensively. And so all this negative energy is resulting in bad karma, which is ultimately reflected in the abysmal BABIP. But surely as Jorge begins to accept his new DH-only role, the negative thoughts will dissipate, the karma will turn around, and the BABIP will start to sky rocket. Anyway, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

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