Too Much Romero

April 30, 2011 – 11:13 am

Toronto 5, NYY 3. By the second inning, I had a bad feeling about this one although at that point the Yankees were somehow up 1-0. This was more the Freddy Garcia that most people expected to see this year, not fooling many people and getting hit pretty hard. Although to be fair to Garcia, he didn’t have near the control he had in his previous two starts, walking five in just five innings (compared to three total walks in his two starts). And for the Jays, Ricky Romero was wheeling and dealing with 96mph fastballs and some pretty nasty off-speed stuff. This one shaped up early to be a pitchers duel, one in which the Yankees were just out-matched. And sure enough, the Yankees could only put three runs on the board — two coming from solo homers from Robinson Cano — and that’s usually going to put you on the short end of the stick.

Not much you can do here, except tip your hat to Romero who is developing in to one of the better pitchers in the league. Now let’s see how A.J. Burnett matches up with Kyle Drabek, another young pitcher who is off to a good start this year.

Unsettling News Dept: Alex Rodriguez has quietly gone from being one of the hottest hitters in the league to a big-time slump. His BA over the last ten games has slipped to .167 and his SLG is a paltry .265. Last night he looked clueless, going 0-for-4 with two Ks, plus hitting in to an inning-ending double-play with the bases loaded in the fifth. Hopefully Cano and Teixeira can carry the load in the middle of the lineup until A-Rod gets back on track. Box Score | Gameday | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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