Bartolo Rocks The House

April 28, 2011 – 11:19 am

Bartolo ColonNYY 3, Chicago White Sox 1. Three days ago who would have thought we were about to witness the pitching duel series of the year, one that would put the vaunted pitching of this years Philadelphia Phillies to shame? But sure enough, through the first three games, combined the White Sox and Yankees are averaging giving up 1.8 runs per game. Compare that to the Phillies, who over the last three games have averaged 5.0 R/G. Of course, none of this is due to Chicago’s overall puny hitting and the pathetic slump the entire Yankee lineup is in, right?

Regardless, you have to be impressed with what Bartolo Colon is bringing to the starting rotation these days. Even after discounting the White Sox’ lack of offensive power, Colon looked pretty masterful, going eight innings and giving up just one run on seven scattered hits. He did get in to trouble twice, but was able to escape both times without seeming to break a sweat. Is it just me or does Colon look incredibly calm on the mound, regardless of the situation? Particularly impressive was the second inning when he loaded the bases with no outs, which I’m sure had all the naysayers starting to gloat. But then he struck out Gordon Beckham, got Omar Vizquel to pop out to short left, and finally escaped without a run scoring when Juan Pierre flew out to center. Since getting roughed up in his first appearance of the season, Colon has a 1.64 ERA and has delivered true quality starts in his last two appearances. It’s going to be interesting to see how he progresses through the season, given that he missed all of last year and hasn’t thrown more than 100 innings since 2005. But for now, he’s certainly giving the Yankees everything they could have hoped for and a lot more.

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