Offense Goes MIA

April 25, 2011 – 11:24 pm

Chicago White Sox 2, NYY 0. It’s one thing to get shut out by the likes of Josh Beckett as the Yankees did a couple of weeks ago, but against someone like Phillip Humber? That’s a whole different story. The Yankees entered the game leading the AL in runs per game at 6.06, more than half a run per game better than the second place Rangers. And Humber entered the game with a season ERA of 4.42 and career ERA of 5+. In his last two starts he didn’t last past the fifth inning, giving up four runs in both games. Not exactly HOF material. And yet the Yankees were totally shut down by him, managing just one hit over seven innings. And there was nothing flukey about it, either. Of 24 batters he faced, only six even managed to get the ball out of the infield. I can only recall two, maybe three, hard hit balls all night.

Wasted in this dreadful performance by the offense was one of A.J. Burnett’s best starts in forever, going seven innings and allowing just one run on three hits. A.J. continues to redeem himself after last year, and looks to be getting better and better as the season progresses. The offense owes him a ton of runs the next couple of times he starts. Box Score | Gameday | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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