Bronx Bombers!

April 10, 2011 – 11:30 am

Russell MartinNYY 9, Boston 4. Ivan Nova is still very much a work in progress, so it’s hard to say where he is going to net out long-term. This start wasn’t nearly as good as his first one when he actually went 3.2 innings before even giving up a hit and then managed to complete six innings. Yesterday he was in trouble in every inning from the first on, and couldn’t even make it through the fifth. But the good news was that he showed Andy Pettitte-like signs of battling through the adversity, at least for the first three innings when he got the Red Sox to go 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position. Funny how that works — when it’s the Yankees hitting poorly with RISP, we blame it on lack of clutch hitting, but when it’s the other team failing with RISP, we credit the Yankee pitcher with being a real “battler”. Anyway, hard to say at this point if Nova really deserves the credit here. A couple of more starts should give us a better picture.

Meanwhile, the Bronx Bombers continued to bomb away, with Russell Martin leading the way with two home runs and four RBIs. Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson also went yard, as the Yankees now lead the AL in HRs with 18. Eric Chavez also made the most of his first start, going 3-for-4 with two doubles. If that’s a sign of what he can contribute, he’s going to be one heck of a weapon off the bench, not only as DH but as an occasional utility infielder. The season is still very young, but so far everything is playing out like we expected — lots of offense, and very questionable starting pitching. Kinda like last year, no?

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