We’re All A.J. Now

October 19, 2010 – 11:21 am

Texas 8, NYY 0. With the exception of Andy Pettitte and Robinson Cano, this entire team has been a no-show for the entire ALCS so far. Yes, Cliff Lee is a great pitcher, and yes, last night he was razor sharp. But no way was he 2-hit, 13-strike out sharp. With the exception of that one fluke inning in game one, the Yankees have scored all of three runs in three games. This from a team that led the league during the regular season with an average of 5.30 runs per game. Right now it doesn’t take a Cliff Lee to shut down the Yankee offense, pretty much any above average AAA pitcher could do it.

And don’t be buying in to the media pandering that this Ranger team is all that great. No, the reality is that they finished the season with the worst record of any of the teams making the playoffs, and that in spite of playing in the easiest division in the league. Against teams with a .500+ record, the Rangers were 39-42. Compare that to the Yankees who went 51-44 against teams with winning records. In fact, four of the five Eastern division teams had better records against .500+ teams than did the Rangers. The only reason the Rangers even made the playoffs was because of their schedule and the division they happen to be in.

So now the entire season rides on the arm of A.J. Burnett. How apropos. The only difference between A.J. and the rest of his teammates is that A.J. just started his meltdown a month earlier than everyone else. If the Yankees are somehow going to get back in this series, it’s not just A.J. that needs to turn things around. It’s pretty much everyone.

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