October Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

September 26, 2010 – 11:27 am

Boston 7, NYY 3. Another uninspired, half-hearted effort from the Yankees. Hopefully this “concede the division and get rested for the playoffs” strategy pays dividends in October, but it’s hard to watch right now. Somehow the Yankees were pretty much in the same situation last year, with making the playoffs pretty much guaranteed for most of September, and yet still managed to put up a 19-10 record in September. So far this September they are 10-13. And up until September, you could easily make the argument that this year’s team was just as good as last year’s, heck maybe even better. On Sept. 1 of last year they were 35 games over .500, this year 32 games over. But this year the East would seem much stronger top-to-bottom, with Tampa Bay obviously much improved and Toronto also significantly improved, although the Red Sox clearly aren’t the team they were last year. Bottom line is that up until September this year’s team was playing just as good as last year’s team. But of course last year the team continued to play the same way they had all year through the last month and then through the playoffs. This year, so far, it’s the exact opposite. If somehow they do end up with the same success in the post-season they had last year, we’ll all certainly have to tip our hats to Girardi’s strategy. We will see.

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