Looking Better

September 22, 2010 – 9:46 am

NYY 8, Tampa Bay 3. For the first time since their 8-game winning streak of what seems like long, long ago the Yankees put together back-to-back good, easy wins. Too early to say that they are completely back to where they were, but things are looking up. The offense went 5-for-10 with RISP and only left six on base, a big improvement over the last few games. And they got contributions from everyone up and down the lineup — eight of nine starters got at least one hit, and six different players got RBIs. The one exception, not surprisingly, was Mark Teixeira who went 0-for-3. We keep hearing that he’s not hitting because he’s hurt — but if that’s the case, what’s he doing in the lineup? Tex’s health is one of the keys to any type of post-season success. But if he’s not hitting because he’s in a slump, well then that’s a problem, but hopefully he’ll work his way out of it by October.  He did get one very loud out last night, a shot to right-field that barely went foul.  So at least there was that one good sign.

On the mound, the Yankees got yet another ho-hum start from Phil Hughes. He gave up three earned runs over 6.1 innings, which equates to a 4.27 ERA, pretty much league average. And that’s pretty much what Hughes is these days — league average. It would have been nice if Hughes would have finished the season strong and given Girardi at least something to think about with regards to the No. 3 spot in the rotation for the playoffs, but that just wasn’t to be. Given his pitch limit, maybe this will work out for the best long-term. But having A.J. Burnett in the No. 3 spot is going to make for some scary playoff games, for sure.

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