Back To Ugly Baseball

September 11, 2010 – 10:06 am

Texas 6, NYY 5. It’s starting to look like that 8-game winning streak was nothing but an aberration, and these Yankees are right back to where they were a couple of weeks ago, playing very mediocre, uninspired ball. It’s hard to imagine an uglier box score than the one the Yankees had last night. How in the world do you get 13 hits, 9 walks and one HBP and only score five friggin’ runs? Of course, the answer is that you go 3-for-17 with RISP (a .176 clip), leaving 18 runners stranded, 10 of those in scoring position. Brett Gardner alone left 8 runners on base. In extra innings, twice they couldn’t plate a runner from third with only one out. I was hoping that 8-game winning streak was the start of a run that would take them through the post-season and to the WS — silly me. With 21 games left, there’s still time to start another run, but based on last night that’s not looking too encouraging.

Now there was a bit of good news from last night in that Javier Vazquez pitched fairly well, although his stats don’t reflect it. Most of the hits he gave up were pretty soft, and the run he gave up in the second was a result of one of the worst umpire calls you will ever see — ant that run ultimately cost the Yankees the game. But Javier pretty much made his own mess in the fourth, when he had a 3-run lead and then walked slumping Ian Kinsler on four pitches and then two batters later hit weak-hitting Bengie Molina with a pitch to load the bases. Number nine hitter Julio Borbon then hit a seeing-eye double, two runs scored, and all of a sudden the Rangers were back in the game. With a 3-run lead you can’t go putting men on base with walks and HBPs, so Vazquez really has no one to blame but himself.

I’d like to think it can’t get any uglier than last night, but then again we’ve got Jekyll-and-Hyde on the mound today. Argh. Box Score | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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