Too Much Matusz

September 6, 2010 – 8:52 pm

Baltimore 4, NYY 3. This wasn’t “Bad A.J.”, but it certainly wasn’t “Good A.J.” either. Or was it? Maybe this is as good as A.J. gets these days? Used to be you could count on Good A.J. to show up about 40% of the time and throw a gem, giving up two or fewer runs. But seems like four runs over seven innings is becoming the norm for A.J. Burnett even in his “good” starts these days. Certainly doesn’t bode well for the post-season. Or however many years we have left on his contract.

With Brian Matusz starting for the Orioles, it would have taken the old Good A.J. in order to win this one, though. In three prior starts against the Yankees he’d gone at least six innings and given up only three runs in each one, with a combined ERA of 2.41. So the end result — three runs on five hits — shouldn’t have been all that surprising. And given that Matusz had lost those all three of those games in spite of having “quality” starts in all of them, you figured he was due for a win.  For whatever reasons, he’s one of these guys who doesn’t seem to have all that good of stuff, but consistently shuts down the Yankees. Not much you can do except move on. Fortunately, CC Sabathia starts Tuesday, so that should get the Yankees back on the right track. Box Score | FanGraphs Game Graph | PitchFX Game Tool

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