Taking Care Of Business

July 25, 2010 – 10:21 pm

NYY 12, Kansas City 6. All things considered, you have to like Phil Hughes’ performance in this one. Outside of Scott Podsednik, who is on a tear right now and could probably hit .500 against Cy Young, Hughes held the Royals to one run on four hits over 5.1 innings. And even with Podsednik, it was still respectable with just three runs. And given that he’d retired five in a row before the rain delay, you figure he would have been good to finish the sixth and pick up the “quality” start. So we’ll call that a big plus for the pitching, which the Yankees certainly need right now.

Curtis ScoresUnfortunately, Joba Chamberlain just continues to make it hard to believe in him as the “eighth inning guy” — although in a way his outing was typical of what he’s been doing all year. With a four run lead and the number nine hitter leading off the inning, the absolute last thing you want to do is walk the guy — and yet, that’s exactly what Joba did. It’s hard to figure — sometimes it’s like his mind is somewhere far, far away. Of course Podsednik was up next, and you knew what was going to happen there. So yet another poor outing for Joba, although in reality he didn’t pitch all that poorly (again given that Podsednik is killing everyone he sees). Joba, Joba, what are we going to do with you?

In the end, though, Kei Igawa could have been on the mound and the Yankees would have still prevailed, thanks to an offense that is even hotter than Podsednik. Other than Jorge Posada, every Yankee in the lineup got at least one hit, and every one except for Posada and Ramiro Pena got at least one RBI. Shades of earlier in the season when they were getting hitting all up and down the order. The top five in the order continue to hit lights out, this time going a combined 10-for-22 with 9 RBIs. And maybe the best news of all was Curtis Granderson getting back-to-back home runs. Granderson really is a likable guy, so it would be nice to see him finish the season strong after such a poor start.

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