And The Bats Come Alive

July 22, 2010 – 11:28 am

NYY 10, Los Angeles 6. So much for counting on Javier Vazquez to bolster the struggling starting rotation. Vazquez did pitch four solid innings, but imploded in the fifth and couldn’t record an out in the sixth. What a different rotation this is since the ASG. The last time through the rotation before the break, the starters averaged 7.2 innings with a 1.25 ERA. The first time through since the break, they are averaging 4.3 innings with a 9.00 ERA. Of course a lot of that has to do with the level of competition, which since the break has been much tougher. And the good news is that for the next eight games the Yankees catch a break, playing two non-contenders.

Colin CurtisPlus, the offense woke up and pounded a red-hot Joel Pineiro who came in to the game with seven “quality” starts in a row and a 7-1 record since June. Amazing how the Yankee hitters never seem to have a problem with good pitchers, but continually get shut down by the mediocre ones. Go figure. Mark Teixeira is really starting to heat up (1.284 OPS over the last 10 games), Robbie Cano is also coming out of his mini-slump, and Nick Swisher continues to be hot. Plus Derek Jeter went 3-for-5 which may be a sign he is also coming out of his slump. Just as the starting pitching carried the team for the first half of the season, maybe we’ll see the offense carry the team for a while now.

And how nice was it to see two young, home-grown players provide the big hits in the seventh which put the game out of reach and bullpen-proof? First Juan Miranda got a solo shot, but then the big blow came from Colin Curtis, and how amazing was that? Brett Gardner gets tossed for arguing strikes, and Curtis has to come in cold off the bench with an 0-2 count, and proceeds to hit a 3-run homer. Wow. Who knows what future guys like Miranda and Curtis have with the Yankees, but it’s always so nice to see the farm products come up and perform like this.

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