What An Incredible Win

June 28, 2010 – 11:19 am

xyzzyNYY 8, Los Angeles Dodgers 6. What an amazing, incredible win this one was! For eight innings the Yankees played ugly, lethargic baseball and it appeared like the only thing they were interested in was getting out of LA and back home as soon as possible. Then out of no where, down 6-2 in the ninth, the bats came alive and they lit up Jonathan Broxton, one of the better closers in the game these days, for four runs to send the game in to extra innings. Broxton was working on a 14-game streak in which he had not given up an earned run, nor more than one hit. First it was the big guns setting things up, with consecutive hits by Alex Rodriguez, Robbie Cano, and Jorge Posada to load the bases and put the tying run at first. But even then, chances looked pretty dismal with rookies Chad Huffman and Colin Curtis coming up, and no real pinch hitter options on the bench. But what a performance by the two youngsters! Huffman got a single to make it 6-5 and Curtis got the fielders choice that scored the tying run.

At that point you sensed that this game had done a 180-degree turnabout, from certain Yankee loss to certain Yankee win. With Mariano Rivera now in play and shutting down the Dodger offense, and with Joe Torre in to his usual over-managing act with his bullpen, things looked excellent. And sure enough, Torre went to the bullpen one too many times, and Robbie Cano delivered the game winning home run in the tenth. How many times did we see Torre do the same thing in his years in New York?

So the Yankees end the west coast road trip with two series wins, and a 4-2 record, with the only two losses being the two starts by our AA pitcher. You really couldn’t ask for more. Plus, they now have a stretch of 13 games that should be fairly easy — 10 are against the dregs of the Western Division (Seattle and Oakland), plus three against a Toronto team that has been fading of late. They’ve held on to a 2-game lead in the East, Tampa Bay seems to have run out of gas, and although Boston has been surging, they just got hit by a rash of injuries. Seems like a perfect time for the Yankees to put the pedal to the metal and open up a good lead in the East!

Photo: NY Times

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