We’ll Take ’em, Ugly Or Not

June 24, 2010 – 11:53 am

NYY 6, Arizona 5. Wow, talk about winning ugly. Thirteen Yankee batters got walks, but thanks to 3-for-14 hitting with RISP, only two of those free passes end up scoring. Three, count ’em three, big time base running errors to end scoring threats. You allow the go-ahead run to score in the sixth by giving up a walk, then a balk, then a wild pitch, then a soft infield grounder. Down by one in the seventh the 2-3-4 hitters all strike out. Up by one in the tenth, you load the bases with no one out. As Mariano Rivera said in the post-game interview, the Yankees played horrible.

But thanks to Curtis Granderson, the Yankees won in extra innings, and escaped the desert with yet another series win. In spite of struggling at the plate much of the year, Granderson has a habit of coming through in the clutch. He got the game winning hit in this one with his solo home run in the tenth, and that’s the second time he’s done that in the last five games. Without those two clutch home runs, the Yankees could have easily lost both the Mets series and this series, which would have put them on a three-series losing streak. Big hits indeed for Curtis!

On a side note, how painful was it to watch Dontrelle Willis struggle like that? Willis was such a great story back in the days at Florida, and was always one of the good guys who was fun to watch regardless of who you cheered for. But for whatever reasons, he’s just no longer capable of pitching at the major league level. On the TV broadcast, Michael Kay hit the nail on the head — back when he had such electric stuff, it made sense for a team to try to work with him and get him back on his game. But the days of his 95+ mph fastball are long gone, and so the upside of having Willis in the rotation is just not there anymore. Time to hang ’em up, Dontrelle.

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