How Not To Stay In First Place

June 22, 2010 – 11:01 am

Arizona 10, NYY 4. Say goodbye to “Bad” A.J. and “Good” A.J. — right now all we have is just plain old A.J. Burnett, and right now he is a very consistent pitcher. Consistently bad. I suspect at some point long ago I’ve seen worse pitching than what I saw last night from A.J. — but it’s hard to imagine how anyone at the big league level could tee up so many pitches right in the middle of the plate in just one inning. What a show that was. Not.

In the month of June, A.J. has four starts and four losses. His ERA over that period is 10.35 and his BAA is .337. Opponents have an incredible 1.166 OPS against him in those starts! He basically can’t get anyone out, he’s become an automatic loss every time he starts. And to make things worse, the Yankees just announced that Phil Hughes will skip his next start, and they will start limiting his innings. So skipping a start for A.J. wouldn’t appear to be an option. And with Sergio Mitre and Alfredo Aceves on the DL, that leaves only Chad Gaudin as a potential starter. Yikes!

As I said yesterday, with the AL East race shaping up the way it is, every game is critical. No way can the Yankees afford to have an automatic loss every fifth game with A.J. on the mound. Something has to happen here.

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