The Speedy Jorge Posada

June 16, 2010 – 11:32 am

NYY 8, Philadelphia 3. CC Sabathia delivered yet another “quality” start for the Yankees, although this one was rather odd in how CC went about getting through seven innings. He mowed through the lineup first time around, striking out six and allowing just one base runner on a walk. But the second time through, he couldn’t get anyone out. In the fourth, the first five batters either got hits or got hit by the pitch, and before you knew it a safe 5-0 lead was all but gone, 5-3. CC got out of the fourth with no more damage, but then proceeded to load the bases in the fifth by walking batters back-to-back. But once again he escaped without further damage, and then sailed through the next two innings without allowing a base runner. So CC pitched great for five innings and terrible for two. Go figure.

Gardner TripleOffensively, the Yankees pretty much had their way with Roy Halladay, amazingly enough. There’s no doubt that Halladay is one of the best pitchers in the game today, but don’t tell that to Curits Granderson, Nick Swisher, and Mark Teixeira who all went yard on him, or to Brett Gardner who got a two-run scoring triple. You know you’re cooking when Alex Rodriguez isn’t in the lineup and Derek Jeter goes hitless, and yet you still get six runs in six innings off the likes of Halladay. Once Alex gets back in the lineup and starts to heat up, and once Tex starts hitting closer to his career numbers, this offense is going to be unstoppable.

Probably the most amazing part of this game, though, was watching Jorge Posada run the bases. Maybe I was the only one that caught it, but when Gardner hit his triple in the second with Posada on first, I was full expecting Gardner to catch Jorge on the bases somewhere around third base. But lo and behold, Jorge actually crossed home plate about the same time Brett made it to third. So Posada covered the 270 feet between first and home in about the same amount of time that Gardner went the same distance from home to third. Was that an optical illusion of some kind? And then while I was still trying to figure out how that had happened, Posada actually beat out an infield single in the sixth! Could it be that the treatment Posada received for his recent foot injury involved bionic replacements?

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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