Bad A.J. Shows Up On Schedule

June 4, 2010 – 10:55 pm

Toronto 6, NYY 1. A.J. Burnett’s unpredictability is pretty predictable, so it was no surprise tonight when Bad A.J. showed up. After all, he had looked great in his last two starts, so you knew a bad start was imminent. And it was typical Bad A.J., with no control at all. He walked four, and was continually several feet off the plate, with one wild pitch allowing a run to score. But the most damage came when he got behind in the count and ended up grooving fast balls right down the middle to Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista twice, resulting in three BP-type homers and five runs. Now maybe it’s understandable to give in to the likes of Encarnacion, a .203 hitter. But Bautista who is leading the friggin’ league in home runs? What was A.J. thinking? Answer, of course, is that he wasn’t. Ah well, what ya’ gonna do? If you want Good A.J., you got to take Bad A.J. every third or fourth start.

In the final analysis, it probably didn’t matter anyway, as the Jays’ Brett Cecil was just unhittable with a very nasty changeup. Cecil has given up two or fewer runs in six of his nine starts this year, so he does appear to be the real deal. Not much you can do when you run in to someone like that except hope your starter can match up with him, and that certainly was not to be the case this time.

At least the Yankees have their top two pitchers starting in the next two games, so there’s still hope for winning the series. Andy Pettitte vs. Ricky Romero tomorrow should be a good pitchers duel.

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