Taking Care Of Business

June 3, 2010 – 9:49 pm

NYY 6, Baltimore 3. CC Sabathia completed an incredibly successful run through the pitching rotation, and the Yankees completed their sweep of the poor Baltimore Orioles. Series like this aren’t as much fun as they should be, simply because you do have to feel sorry for the Orioles’ players and their fans. Right now the Orioles would have trouble competing at the AAA level, so it’s hard to get too excited about the sweep. Anything less would have been a disaster.

Still, though, it was nice to see CC get a W for the first time in a month. And what a roll the starters are on. Over the last five games, they have all gone 7+ innings, have a combined ERA of 1.75, and have struck out 34 while walking only 3 batters. This weekend series against Toronto, though, should be a good test of just how strong the rotation is, as Toronto is fourth in the league in scoring, averaging 5.15 runs per game as opposed to Baltimore’s league worst 3.34 and Cleveland’s third worst 3.84.

The only “bad” news in this game was that Robbie Cano’s eight game multi-hit streak came to an end, although it took a great play by Oriole second baseman Julio Lugo to prevent him from extending it. But his 17-game hitting streak is still alive and well, as he took care of that in the first inning with a run-scoring double. Also on the upside, Mark Teixeira had a 2-hit game, and he also got robbed of a third hit by a nice play than none other than Miguel Tejada, who has had his struggles at third base. Kinda goes along with a lot of the bad luck Tex has had of late.

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