Men Against Boys

June 3, 2010 – 11:04 am

NYY 9, Baltimore 1. Now that’s more like how a good team is supposed to beat up on one of the poorer teams. The Yankees jumped to an early 6-0 lead and then coasted behind yet another great outing from Phil Hughes. In five of his last seven starts, Hughes has gone seven innings and given up two or fewer runs. If giving up three runs in six innings is a “quality start”, someone needs to come up with a moniker for two runs in seven innings — as that’s what I would really consider a true “quality” start. Regardless, last night Hughes continued this new Yankee tradition of just throwing strikes — 72 of his 101 pitches were strikes, he only went to a three ball count once, and he struck out seven while walking just one. The Yankees have now won four straight, and in those four games the starters have walked just two batters. That’s the way to win, folks.

Huuuughes!Offensively, everyone in the lineup was hitting with two glaring exceptions. Francisco Cervelli went 0-for-3 and continues to either be in a slump or more likely is regressing towards his true hitting average. But that’s OK, as Jorge Posada is now back and can easily pick up where Cervelli left off. The other exception though, was Mark Teixeira who went 0-for-5. Every time you think Tex is finally getting ready to break out of his season long slump and go on a terror, he seems to just slide right back to the Mendoza line.

Beyond those two, though, it was pretty much a night of extended BP. Nick Swisher went 3-for-5 with 3 RBIs, Curtis Granderson also got 3 hits and 2 RBIs, and Alex Rodriquez also had a multi-hit game. And oh yeah, Robbie Cano went 3-for-4 with 2 RBIs. That story line is getting pretty boring, no? Robbie’s streak of multi-hit games is now at eight! I wonder where all those people are who were saying that Cano was washed up after the 2008 season?

Photo: NY Daily News

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